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Your Best Music Lessons

Live Remote Music Lessons | Study when and anywhere you want?

Start gaining a command of your music career by accessing VQT Academy Online’s with more than 10 years in bussiness!

Sign up now to start your music lessons with our experienced instructors who teach at VQT Academy of Music, as well as seasoned music industry professionals.

We offer a variety of music lessons including piano, guitar, Flute, Violin, Music theory and drums. We have a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Our lessons rage from 30 to 60 minute for 1-on-1 or groups lessons

The music lessons cost is base on your music level and yoiur requirement such as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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Chose Your Lesson Plan

We know your schedule is packed. Our music lesson plan is divided into three best options that make life much easier

Weekly class

You can purchase 4 credits each time, with a flexible schedule and music program. This is a good option for those who travel a lot, and cannot be consistent with a weekly lesson. With 4 credits, you are able to use this for a year. Our music instructors will help you learn what do you want to play

Monthly class

You purchase a monthly flat fee. It is perfect for kids and young students who are able to your consistent weekly lesson. If you are interested in a practice routine each week with how to improve your piano technique, music theory, or learn songs? This program is for you. We are offering for all piano students able to do a piano exam each year with the MTAC program in California

Online Group Lessons

This is a group music lessons program from 3 to 6 students. The best choice for Music Theory. This program is offered for all students at beginner & intermediate levels. If you are looking to improve your music theory and how successful the exam in MTAC music certificate in California? this program is for you with just only $20 each week with a 30-minute lesson

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